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Super i-Match Multi-Split Inverter

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Super i-Match


Inverter matching technology for small to medium-sized areas

Koppel’s Super I-Match multi-split inverter offers a flexible and customized solution for your home. With just a single outdoor unit, it can allow up to 5 multiple indoor connections with different capacities. It also utilizes a full DC inverter technology while providing individual room control for optimum energy savings and comfort.

Capacity : 3.3Hp, 4.0Hp, and 5.3Hp

Key Features

    • • Full DC Inverter Technology
    • • Energy Saving
    • • Eco-friendly
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    Uses R410A refrigerant. Non-destructive
    to our Ozone layer. Pollution free with
    Zero (ODP) Ozone Depleting Potential.

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    Energy Saving

    The system eliminates the stop-start operation
    used by constant speed systems. It adjusts the
    compressor speed to an energy saving mode
    in order to maintain the desired temperature.
    It allows a room to reach the required temperature
    rapidly, offering up to 50% more efficiency.

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    Powerful Temperature Control

    Highly sensitive sensor that
    detects the presence/absence of
    human body to automatically adjust
    cooling temperature and avoid waste
    of energy consumption.