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Window Type Super Inverter

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Window Type Super Inverter



The advance 3DC Inverter technology of Koppel’s newest window type inverter model promises greater savings and more value for money. It also utilizes R32 refrigerant which is efficient and eco-friendly at the same time.

Capacity : 1.0 Hp , 1.5 Hp

Key Features


    • • DC Inverter Compressor
    • • DC Inverter Fan Motor
    • • DC Inverter Module
    • • Anti-Bacterial Filter
    • • ECO-Friendly R32 Refrigerant
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    Anti Bacterial Filter

    The Nano Silver attached on the HD filter releases silver ions to eliminate bacteria effectively.

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    R32 Refrigerant

    ODP=0, No Hard to the Ozone Layer
    Low GWP and less charge make little greenhouse effect

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    3DC Inverter

    The latest inverter innovation with comprehensive performance improvement with the use of 3DC Inverter technology.