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Floor Mounted Chilled Water FCU

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Floor Mounted Fan Coil Unit


Easier installation-alternative to ducted chilled water units

Easier and more economical to install since it is not connected to ductwork. Ideal for commercial applications such as retail establishments and shops with the unit’s strong and wide airflow discharge that ensures perfect circulation throughout the entire area.

Capacity : 3.0TR

Key Features

    • • Highly Efficient
    • • Heavy duty
    • • Rust proof body
    • • Timer Adjustable Louver
    • • Auto Air Swing Function
    • • Remote Control
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    Highly Efficient

    Reliable Compressor,
    3-Minute Compressor Delay.

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    Heavy Duty

    Ideal for use in commercial establishment
    with its extensive capacity.

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    Anti-Rust Body

    Corrosion-resistant cabinet
    for durability

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    Preset run hours to save power

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    Adjustable Louver

    To freely adjust the air direction to
    achieve an even air distribution

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    Auto Swing

    Auto swing mechanism
    guarantees even airflow
    distribution across

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    Remote Control

    Wireless Remote Controller (optional)