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Window Type Viva Series (Manual)

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Window Type Viva Series Manual


Viva R410A Series

Viva Series is the latest addition to Koppel’s air-conditioning product line-up. The New Window Type Viva Series uses eco-friendly R410a refrigerant that helps protect Mother Earth while at the same time achieves greater efficiency.

Capacity : 0.75Hp

Key Features

    • • Eco-friendly R410A Refrigerant
    • • Energy Savings
    •  6-in-1 Filter
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    Eco-friendly R410A Refrigerant

    R410A has zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) which does not harm ozone layer and protects Mother Earth

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    Energy Savings

    With higher EER ratings, power consumption is lower, generating lower electricity bills, resulting to higher savings

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    Auto Restart

    Automatically restores previous function setting after a power interruption

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    Auto Protection

    Auto shutdown during system error

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    Independent Dehumidification

    Dehumidifies the room efficiently without sacrificing the desired room temperature

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    Sleep Mode

    Gradually increases the temperature up to 1-2 degrees to pleasant sleeping conditions