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Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems

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Super Multi VX


Koppel's Super Multi XV VRF All Inverter, a powerful system designed for individualized comfort and optimum energy savings

Designed for large commercial applications, VRF systems have a capacity of up to 102Hp. With the ability to operate and individually control up to 64 indoor units, it can efficiently modulate the refrigerant flow and cooling load to minimize energy consumption by up to 60%.

Capacity : up to 102Hp

Key Features

    • • Top IPLV
    • • Capacity up to 57TR
    • • Long Lifespan
    • • Silent Design
    • • Powerful Total Management
    • • Easier Maintenance
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    Top IPLV

    HIGH IPLV up to 5.8
    High Energy Savings

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    Capacity Pilot, up to 72HP

    6 Types ODU Capacity
    4 Maximum ODU Combination
    72Hp Maximum Combination ODU Capacity

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    Improved Lifespan

    Duty cycling operation of outdoor units helps
    extend compressor's lifespan. In one combination,
    any outdoor unit can run as the master outdoor
    unit to equalize compressor duty and ensure even
    load distribution

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    Silent Operation

    Quiet design enables it to run at a
    comfortable 45dB(A) sound level

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    Powerful Total Management

    Web acess function allows you to view system
    operation anytime from external devices through
    the internet

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    Easy Maintenance

    With a self diagnosis function to assist service
    engineers during trouble shooting